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The Cannabis Business Coach Podcast Episode 51: Andrew Lobo, Kin Slips

The Cannabis Business Coach Michael Zaytsev interviews and coaches Andrew Lobo, CEO of Kin Slips. Kin Slips is a California based manufacturer of Cannabis sublingual strips. Founded in 2016, Kin Slips has always been a pioneer in the Cannabis sublingual space, and in 2021 again when they launched the first THCA and CBD sublingual strip.

Sublingual slips are placed under the tongue, where they are rapidly absorbed by the body. The active ingredients are then carried directly through the mucosal membrane to the bloodstream. The Cannabinoids and terpenes bypass the digestive system and directly enters the bloodstream via capillaries under your tongue. It’s a discreet, efficient and consistent way to ingest Cannabis. This is especially important for medical patients who need their products to be as clean and predictable as possible.

Prior to becoming CEO of Kin Slips, Andrew Lobo was COO and CFO of Kin Slips’ biggest competitor. The two companies merged during Covid19 and are now ramping up like never before. Before getting into Cannabis, Andrew spent over a decade on Wall Street and worked in investment banking and private equity for top tier firms. Impressively, Andrew holds both a CFA and CPA.

On this episode we discuss the merger of two category leaders, the importance of playing to your strengths, the sacrifice required to transition into Cannabis entrepreneurship, and the many decisions a CEO must make every day and get right.

In the coaching portion, Mike Z helps Andrew brainstorm ways to get in front of a new demographic that Kin Slips is interested in reaching.

Recorded on 6/9/2021

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